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outdoor @ acap ;D

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this is long due post(lama gile dah ni..hehe)..acap’s open house to be exact..hahah..location bukit beruntung..after makan2,we decided to go for an outdoor photoshoot (malu dok dalam rumah lama sangat..hehe)so here’s the photos enjoy ;D

location : bukit beruntung @ acap's house 😉

lepas makan, kuar "jalan-jalan" ;p

macho-macho katanya..hahah



after ;D

tak puas hati..nak jgk jadi macho..hahah

off record(adi): agak2 perempuan cair tak tgk gmbr ni?;p

adi: plis shah..jgn buat lawak mcm tu!! lol~


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November 30, 2009 at 9:17 PM

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hello some of u already hard disk got infected with virus..n some of the photos in it which i don’t have time or forgot to back-up; lost..frustrated of course..but thank god,there are still photos that i can share with u some of it..the photos are from october till recent..

@bagan lalang

abby&mael @ penang

convocation - hafiz

bni 60seconds fame

angel ;D

dafi&hana @ s.alam

29-3A resident ;D

AKAR penutup 2009 @ s.alam

final piala malaysia

All American Rejects (AAR)

talent hub 4th anniversary(lost almost all d photos in this folder) ;(

Gee @ outdoor

camping, bbq @ port dickson

open house @ acap..burpp ;p

the full entries of this preview will be coming soon..till then, enjoy the photos ;D

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November 30, 2009 at 1:12 AM

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down memory lane

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this is from my recent trip to penang for a wedding assignment with wowphoto team(thanx to hafiz ismail a.k.a my mentor for the opportunity)..full entry of the wedding will come up soon 😉enjoy ;D

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November 24, 2009 at 3:33 AM

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Faris Fakri

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OMG! almost 2 month i haven’t update my blog busy(avoidable and unavoidable) ;D

so, this is faris of the photographer @wowphoto..this is today’s be exact today 12’s raining and at the same time we are a lil bit bored at the we decided to do some photoshoot in rain with faris as a model..haha..not much shot coz it’s too windy and the lens almost got wet even we’re using the enjoy ;D


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November 12, 2009 at 9:19 PM

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